192 individuals remain disappeared since arrests at Al Razaza Checkpoint in Iraq’s Al Anbar Province on October 26, 2014

192 individuals remain disappeared since arrests at Al Razaza Checkpoint in Iraq’s Al Anbar Province on October 26, 2014

On October 26, 2014, 192 individuals from the Al Shahban, Al Mazareia, Al Jaafari, Al Hamad, Dehaimesh, Al Sab’aa, Al Janabi, Albo Hayia and Al Othman tribes were arrested by militias from the Hezbollah Brigades at Al Razaza Checkpoint in Al Anbar Province while fleeing from fighting against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). The fate and whereabouts of all 192 individuals – some of whom were minors at the time of their arrest – remain unknown to date.

On October 26, 2014, in the context of the fight against ISIL, many families fled from Jurf Al Sakhr in Iraq’s Babylon governorate to reach safer areas. The families fleeing included the Al Shahban and Al Mazareia tribes, which are considered the largest tribes in Jurf Al Sakhr. Other smaller tribes also fled, including the Al Jaafari, Al Hamad, Dehaimesh, Al Sab’aa, Al Janabi, Albo Hayia and Al Othman families.

In order to leave Jurf Al Sakhr, individuals from the tribes were required to pass through Al Razaza Checkpoint, which is considered the main crossing point between the provinces of Al Anbar and Karbala. The checkpoint is close to Amiriya, a city in the Fallujah district of Al Anbar province. During the fight against ISIL, it became the only crossing point open to individuals fleeing from the areas of Hit, Al Rutba, Al Qaim and Ramadi to Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camps in Habbaniya, as well as to cities on the Euphrates and in the south of the country.

The 192 individuals were among hundreds of others who have been arrested by the Hezbollah Brigades as they made their way through the checkpoint, and forcibly taken to an unknown location.

Following the incident, the head of the Al Shahban tribe, who was coordinating the movement of individuals fleeing from Jurf Al Sakhr on October 26, 2014, submitted a complaint on behalf of the families of the missing to the Council of Al Anbar Province, but to no avail.

*The 192 missing persons are:

  1. Tarek Al Shahban
  2.  Alaa Al Shahban
  3. Walid Al Shahban
  4. Anwar Al Shahban
  5. Abbas Al Shahban
  6. Abbas Al Shahban
  7. Talib Al Shahban
  8. Ismail Al Shahban
  9. Mustapha Al Shahban
  10. Razzak Al Shahban
  11. Hussam Al Shahban
  12. Kassim Al Shahban
  13. Hilal Al Shahban
  14. Khalid Al Shahban
  15. Osama Al Shahban
  16. Ibrahim Al Shahban
  17. Haidar Al Shahban
  18. Abbas Al Shahban
  19. Amer Al Shahban
  20. Obaid Al Shahban
  21. Mohammad Al Shahban
  22. Kassim Al Shahban
  23. Akram Al Shahban
  24. Ibrahim Al Shahban
  25. Khodeir Al Shahban
  26. Yassir Al Shahban
  27. Ali Al Shahban
  28. Omar Al Shahban
  29. Mohannad Al Shahban
  30. Jawad Al Shahban
  31. Khodeir Al Shahban
  32. Riad Al Shahban
  33. Muhannad Al Shahban
  34. Jassim Al Shahban
  35. Firas Al Shahban
  36. Uday Al Shahban
  37. Fayiz Al Shahban
  38. Ali Al Shahban
  39. Khalid Al Shahban
  40. Abbas Al Shahban
  41. Jabbar Al Shahban
  42. Walid Al Shahban
  43. AbdulSattar Al Shahban
  44. Hussum Al Shahban
  45. Omar Al Shahban
  46. Rahman Al Shahban
  47. Aysar Al Shahban
  48. Salloumi Al Shahban
  49. Jamal Al Mazareia
  50. Yassin Al Mazareia
  51. Jihad Al Mazareia
  52. Mathna Al Mazareia
  53. Kazim Al Mazareia
  54. Karim Al Mazareia
  55. Hakim Al Mazareia
  56. Raed Al Mazareia
  57. Alaa Al Mazareia
  58. Ibrahim Al Mazareia
  59. AbdulElah Al Mazareia
  60. Rasoul Al Mazareia
  61. Ahmad Al Mazareia
  62. Jamal Al Mazareia
  63. Ali Al Mazareia
  64. Mohammad Al Mazareia
  65. Khalid Al Mazareia
  66. Walid Al Mazareia
  67. Ali Al Mazareia
  68. AbdulRahman Al Mazareia
  69. Khalid Al Mazareia
  70. Salih Al Mazareia
  71. Majid Al Mazareia
  72. Sami Al Mazareia
  73. Ahmad Al Mazareia
  74. Talib Al Mazareia
  75. Ibrahim Al Mazareia
  76. Alaa Al Mazareia
  77. Mohammad Al Mazareia
  78. Ahmad Al Mazareia
  79. Majid Al Mazareia
  80. Ibrahim Al Mazareia
  81. Khalid Al Mazareia
  82. Ayfan Al Mazareia
  83. Ali Al Mazareia
  84. Harith Al Mazareia
  85. Raed Al Mazareia
  86. Ahmad Al Mazareia
  87. Sadiq Al Mazareia
  88. Khalid Al Mazareia
  89. Malik Al Mazareia
  90. Fadil Al Mazareia
  91. Falih Al Mazareia
  92. Qays Al Mazareia
  93. Hatim Al Mazareia
  94. Hameid Al Mazareia
  95. Walid Al Mazareia
  96. Rahman Al Mazareia
  97. Falah Al Mazareia
  98. Amin Al Mazareia
  99. Adnan Al Mazareia
  100. Mohammad Al Mazareia
  101. Hafiz Al Mazareia
  102. Ahmad Al Mazareia
  103. Krar Houmaidi Al Mazareia
  104. Hasan Al Mazareia
  105. Imad Al Mazareia
  106. Razzak Al Mazareia
  107. Ahmed Al Mazareia
  108. Marwan Al Mazareia
  109. Obaid Al Mazareia
  110. Rasoul Al Mazareia
  111. Ibrahim Al Mazareia
  112. Ahmad Al Mazareia
  113. Karim Al Mazareia
  114. Faris Al Mazareia
  115. Diaa Al Mazareia
  116. Marwan Al Mazareia
  117. Ziad Al Mazareia
  118. Asaad Al Mazareia
  119. Majbal Al Mazareia
  120. AbdelAziz Al Jaafari
  121. Haidar Al Jaafari
  122. Mohammed Al Jaafari
  123. Abbas Al Jaafari
  124. Abed Al Jaafari
  125. Jabbar Al Jaafari
  126. Hussein Al Jaafari
  127. Ayed Al Jaafari
  128. AbdulWahid Al Jaafari
  129. Ghalib Al Jaafari
  130. Moussa Al Jaafari
  131. Abdullah Al Jaafari
  132. Khalid Al Jaafari
  133. Taha Al Jaafari
  134. Ali Al Jaafari
  135. Rahman Al Jaafari
  136. AbdulRahman Al Jaafari
  137. Dahham Al Jaafari
  138. Mohammad Al Hamad
  139. Sattar Al Hamad
  140. Hazim Al Hamad
  141. Mojahid Al Hamad
  142. Khalif Al Hamad
  143. Fadil Al Hamad
  144. AbdelKarim Al Hamad
  145. Malik Al Hamad
  146. Khodeir Al Hamad
  147. Idris Al Hamad
  148. Issa Al Hamad
  149. Saoud Al Hamad
  150. Mehdi Al Hamad
  151. Omar Dehaimesh
  152. AbdelAmir Dehaimesh
  153. Ghassan Dehaimesh
  154. Salih Dehaimesh
  155. Ahmad Dehaimesh
  156. Atheir Dehaimesh
  157. Qusay Dehaimesh
  158. Khalid Dehaimesh
  159. Raed Dehaimesh
  160. Suliman Dehaimesh
  161. Eyad Dehaimesh
  162. Omar Dehaimesh
  163. Abdullah Dehaimesh
  164. Ehab Dehaimesh
  165. Kazim Dehaimesh
  166. Mohammed Dehaimesh
  167. Rasoul Dehaimesh
  168. AbdelRahman Dehaimesh
  169. Muhannad Dehaimesh
  170. AbdelKhaliq Dehaimesh
  171. Karim Dehaimesh
  172. Koutaiba Dehaimesh
  173. Mohammad Al Sab’aa
  174. Assad Al Sab’aa
  175. Ahmad Al Sab’aa
  176. Razzak Al Sab’aa
  177. Mushtaq Al Sab’aa
  178. Mokhlid Al Sab’aa
  179. Mohammad Al Sab’aa
  180. Talib Al Sab’aa
  181. Samah Al Sab’aa
  182. Khaldoun Al Janabi
  183. Ibrahim Al Janabi
  184. Sabah Al Janabi
  185. Ali Hussein Al Janabi
  186. Mustapha Al Janabi
  187. Ismail Al Janabi
  188. Hussein Al Janabi
  189. Eyad Albo Hayia
  190. Rasoul Albo Hayia
  191. Sarmad Albo Hayia
  192. Salih Al Othman


April 19, 2018: MENA Rights Group and Al Wissam Humanitarian Assembly request the urgent intervention of the UN Committee on Enforced Disappearances.
May 10, 2018: Head of the Al Shahban tribe submits complaint to the Council of Al Anbar Province on behalf of the families of the disappeared.
October 26, 2014: At least 192 individuals are arrested at Al Razaza Checkpoint.