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UAE: Unfair Trial, Unjust Sentences - Human Rights Defenders, Political Dissidents Unjustly Convicted

July 10, 2024

With a group of five human rights organisations, MENA Rights Group condemn the unjust conviction of at least 44 defendants in the "UAE87" mass trial.

Fifty years since establishment, UAE State Security Apparatus should end widespread abuses of Emiratis’ fundamental rights

June 10, 2024

On the 50th anniversary of the UAE’s State Security Apparatus (SSA)’s establishment, MENA Rights Group, the Emirates Detainees Advocacy Center and Human Rights Watch call on Emirati authorities to immediately halt the SSA’s gross human rights violations.

Jordanian activist Ahmed al-Atoum’s mother dies while he serves his 10-year prison sentence in the UAE for Facebook posts

March 06, 2024

MENA Rights Group leads a coalition of human rights organisations in calling on UAE authorities to immediately release arbitrarily detained Jordanian activist Ahmed al-Atoum after his mother's sudden passing. While al-Atoum is serving a 10-year sentence for Facebook posts criticising Jordanian authorities, he did not get a chance to say goodbye to his mother, nor to grieve her death with his family.

Emirates Humanitarian City: a refugee prison complex?

February 22, 2024

MENA Rights Group expresses deep concern over reported human rights violations against Afghan refugees who have been stuck in the "Emirates Humanitarian City" since August 2021.

UAE’s second-largest political mass trial is underway

January 30, 2024

While December 2023 saw the global spotlight on Dubai for the COP28, Abu Dhabi discreetly conducted the second-largest political mass trial in the UAE’s history, known as the “UAE87” in a complete absence of media coverage.

Urgent appeal for justice: condemning the unjust prosecution of dozens of Emiratis in the UAE

December 28, 2023

MENA Rights Group joins the Emirates Detainees Advocacy Center and 40+ civil society organisations in urging the UAE to drop the 'terrorism' charges against 80+ Emiratis, including human rights defenders.

UAE reject 40% of the recommendations made during its Universal Periodic Review

October 05, 2023

This press release highlights the UAE's response to recommendations made by UN member states during its Universal Periodic Review before the Human Rights Council. The UAE rejected 40% of recommendations, including a total rejection of recommendations related to freedom of expression/association and the ratification of the UN Convention against Torture.

Joint letter calling on COP28 participating governments to address UAE human rights abuses

September 13, 2023

MENA Rights Group joined more than 200 global organisations to demand that the international community pursue accountability for the UAE’s track record of repressive behavior at home and abroad ahead of the COP28 climate conference.

Human rights defender Ahmed Mansoor must be released immediately: joint letter to the US Department of State

August 31, 2023

MENA Rights Group joins 18 civil society organisations in urging the US Secretary of State Antony Blinken to call on UAE officials to immediately and uncondtionally release Emirati human rights defender Ahmed Mansoor.

UAE: Release all those unjustly imprisoned before COP28

August 15, 2023

A joint appeal from 20+ organisations urging the UAE authorities to release all those unjustly imprisoned in the country, including human rights defenders, lawyers and dissidents, before the start of COP28 in Expo City Dubai between 30 November and 12 December 2023.