Constitution (AR/FR)

Criminal Procedure Code (AR/FR)

Criminal Code (FR)

Code of Military Justice (AR/FR)

Law on the Organisation of the Judiciary, the High Judicial Council and the Statute for Judges (AR/FR)

Organic Law on the Establishment and Organisation of Transitional Justice (AR/FR)

Organic Law establishing the National Prevention Mechanism of Torture (AR/FR)

Decree-law on Associations (AR/FR)

Decree-law No. 2011-115 on the Press, Printing and Publishing (AR/FR)

Decree-law No. 2011-116 on the Freedom of Audiovisual Communication and the Creation of a Supreme Independent Body of Audiovisual Communication (AR/FR)

Law concerning the Support of International Efforts to Combat Terrorism and Repress Money Laundering (AR/FR)

Law on the Fight against terrorism of 2015 (AR)