Penal Code 

Amendments to the Penal Code (AR)

Criminal Procedure Code

Citizenship Act

Amendments to the Citizenship Act (AR)

Anti-terrorism Law

Amendments to the Anti-Terrorism law, 2014 (AR)

Judicial Authority Law (AR)

Amendments to the Judicial Authority Law (AR)

Public Gatherings Law (AR)

Amendments to the law on Public Gatherings, 2006 (AR)

Associations Law (AR)

Amendments to the Associations Law (AR)

Press and Publishing Law (AR)

Amnesty Law (AR)

Explanation of the Amnesty Law (AR)

Decree Establishing the Detainees Commission (AR)

Law establishing National Institution for Human Rights with Amendments

Executive Regulation Concerning the Organisation and Function of the National Institution for Human Rights

Labour law in the Private Sector